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Yesterday morning, Hangzhou Wang Ming-De Xue third grade students to give reporters a phone call: "Uncle, my home is Chun's, can you help me to bring a gift to the flight routes brother?"

Wang Xue 10 years old this year, she wanted to 14-year-old Air flight, said: To good that we have to be strong, to listen to the moon. Air routes to give her the gift of one of her favorite dolls. "If Saturday work is not too high, I'll have my mother with me to see Air navigation brother."

68 year old living in the Hu Yubo Hong Tung Court, yesterday at 2 pm, he told reporters by telephone, would like to send some money to aircraft flight. "Give me a specific address on the line, I would check the zip code." Yu Dabo said: "I rely on retirement living, not rich, may not change anything, but I am willing to help him."

"The child as soon as possible freed from the iron chains and let him return to mainstream society." Rehabilitation of children returning from overseas experts LU Root to sent a message to the newspaper. He feels that now the child has lost the chance of early rehabilitation training, but it must seize this stage the young. He is willing to self-care ability, life skills training and so simple to help.




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