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Beijing 2-year-old boy was chained to the street

Two meters long swing chain tied one end of the iron posts on the roadside, one end tied to the boy ankle. "Hitch is afraid he lost," said the father, mother, child mental disorder, unable to raise a child, he wanted to open Morocco's support their families. Previously, 4-year-old daughter lost, in order to protect his son, he only tied.

Boys feet tied to the street to drink cold milk chain

Yesterday, Fangshan Liangxiang shopping center west of Arima, Chen Chuan-6 are lying live, face multiple frostbite. Two meters away from Moldova, under the road sign covered with cardboard, placed the simple baby carriage. Year-old son sitting on his board and drank cold milk, nipple black. Towards children, a black truck driver cry "Golden Daner" and the children laugh at him.

Right ankle gold Daner extended two-meter-long swing  chain, tied to the pole signs. Chen Chuan-six per 10 minutes, a trip to live, "no one would watch the child." YANG Cai-mother of the child in the road picking up another bottle, said he was pregnant again.

"Her mind has problems," said Chen Chuan-6, two weeks ago, 4-year-old daughter lost, "the roadside the morning, afternoon, no return." Sister traders said Lu, Cai-hong always wet his pants, not kids. Recently she always said, "lost her daughter."

Someone advised her father to send their children

One driver said, three or four days, Chen Chuan-6 son tied to here. Call it a day when the child away. Chen Chuan-six, said his home in Sichuan, no relatives in Beijing that he can not control Latin America to support their families living children, the kindergarten afford to go. "Tied to better than lost."

"Up for adoption are better than this," Chen was advised pass six children to welfare institutions, but Chen could not bear to pass 6.

Urgent contact by free hosting institutions

Yesterday, Fangshan District, the Protection of Minors Committee Ms Chan said, first to understand the situation and decide how to help children.

Beijing Youth Legal Aid and Research Center, Wen-Juan Zhang, deputy director, said there can not be equated with the parents of children orphaned, the current lack of relevant legislation and welfare systems, can not be asked which department responsibility. If you can contact the trustee fee waiver is the best approach.




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