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Tashi wood is not the case, a mastiff, fight Gesha? Just let Uncle coughing, angrily said that he could not understand his wife's greed and Tashi wood calculations, not only that he could not understand, that few people nearby villagers see pleasing to the eye.

We do not talk and more Ji Taishu is not the kind of people who insult to injury, much less used to scold anyone, he just sighed, put a lot of grievances are Bie back to the heart.

This evening, we dared not sleep, lit a small lamp in secret, sitting in the room focused on the black, for fear she would abruptly jump out of the crazy, three hearts are on tenterhooks.

Black now looks very quiet, very stable mood, she seemed to know what to do tonight, too outrageous, and coax will be crying for a Princess, it turned to look at us, her two small eyes still some red, blood, coupled with that face is ferocious, it is terror, timid glance, it is estimated would have nightmares at night.

Black's face also injured, the blood to the hair on her face with both adhesion to, the blood was sticky and a look, I see heart sad, like in the past for her cleansing wounds, and more Ji Taishu but hold me and said: so right now do not come close to her nest, be careful she bites you.

I said: No, I do not know a large black four bullied her baby, she will not bite me.

How not? More Ji Taishu stared at me and said: She made a crazy, see no one bite, you should never do in the past, if you bite bad where I can do anything if the parents explain to your family.

I sat for a while, then outside the house dark and quiet, lonely night was bleak, frozen snow in a one tree, and stand alone in the village, like a weather-beaten old, I said: Uncle, you and Kelsang all go to bed, I watched a large black.

More Jida Shu thought for a moment and said: Well, Kelsang, the iron chain to take over.

Black should be tied more Ji Taishu up, he worried, he was worried that I do not know how big the black suddenly would rage, and fear that she would jump out of the injuries are from the same town, no one hurt bad.

I do not want to hold the big black, particularly the heavy chain as a chain, tied to the neck, must fall very uncomfortable, A is a free animal nature, not suitable for tying support, and hitch it is kill it nature, it can not be happy, not happy mastiff also not a real mastiff.

I still fail to beat the multi-Ji Taishu mean, he is the real owner of a large black, he insisted the lock, I can not, and chains Doukai, and issued a "squelch" the heavy sound.



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