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Post Office v. Rudong chain works to change

Rudong auction Rudong post office under the commission, released the auction announcement, and in November 4, 1992 in Rudong under the supervision of the notary office, post office delivery Rudong auction on the four wired telephone and a wireless phone number at a public auction. The "909 090" mobile phone number, from 6,000 yuan from the auction, by bidding, which will eventually be 32,000 yuan to buy the plant Rudong chains. Plant the same day about 32 thousand yuan to import Rudong auction via bank account, the auction set by the iron chain works to Rudong issued notarized by the county's auction confirmation. Since then, Rudong chain factory in the process of the phone the rental procedures and fees submitted after payment of the relevant cases, that enabled the number "909,090" wireless phones. February 1995, wireless phones and networks in the country and ID number after the "909 090" wireless phone number has been changed to "942 090" so that the original number can not be re-used. To this end, the county chain factory return the defendant Rudong Post Office bid, "909,090" number of the cost of 32,000 yuan, unpaired mutual consultation. Rudong chain plant was made to Rudong bring a lawsuit, said the "909 090" special mobile phone number for the bid from our factory, now the number has been changed to require the return of price of 32,000 yuan defendant.



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