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Motorcycle drive chain wear description of the problem

The motorcycle drive chain wear description of the problem

Motorcycle  chain wear has been a major manufacturer of quality control, and also is supporting the host plant and the user's main test items. Industry standards JB/T8820-1998 "motorcycle drive chain wear performance tests" of the development and release to the chain (swing chain)  manufacturers and users of the motorcycle drive chain wear inspection and acceptance criteria and basis. In the "application of the latest standard chain drive Manual (Second Edition)" on the elaboration of the standards except the main content, but also on the standard of other issues described. Reproduced below:

1, the criterion of wear failure

Chain wear elongation to a certain extent, it will produce in the sprocket teeth, climb and jump phenomenon, this time can not be achieved and the sprocket chain has the correct gear, you can only replace the chain as a consumable. Usually worn as a chain of failure criterion. In theory, the chain (swing chain) normal working hours 15000h, chain wear elongation and chain length of more than nominal should be less than 3%.

2, on the wear test of time and description of elongation

Chain wear is divided into three stages: the initial wear stage, normal wear stage and the increased wear stage. Because of the increased wear stage of testing has little meaning, so the standard specifies only the initial wear stage and the normal wear stage of testing, under the test of time and wear and wear elongation of the data is based on a large number of tests, after theoretical analysis and experimental economics into account, comparability and usefulness of the provisions was made.



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