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Chained to his brother is quite upset

A door was kick the bad, a threadbare pull Kangxi, a paralyzed old man lying broken quilt, the locked door of an endless iron chain man ... ... Meihekou Castle Town Garden Village Liu Wen Chun-home, after the Spring Festival has been so messy, and a room full of stench.

Sick man within marriage

The man was chained LIU Wen-wu Liu Wenchun brother.

"Take him home and is no way to lock things, this door, get this Kangxi are his, and all day to kill to cut the ... ..." Liuwen Chun's wife, while in Fields said as she shed tears.

To see the stranger, LIU Wen-wu particularly moved, added to the street selling vegetables, is people look at his foot, as constantly struggling, and the iron chain will be wrist deep in a groove Le out.

Optimum N said, LIU Wen-wu 36-year-old, usually not very talkative. Since 1998, married, LIU Wen-wu, we often make some strange moves: Moon Avenue run around barefoot, simply take what others in the yard ... ... After the diagnosis, LIU Wen-wu suffering from mental illness.

His virtuous wife is scared

LIU Wen-wu's new wife did not leave him, but four of his chemists. Through therapy, LIU Wen-wu's disease has been effectively controlled, usually by farming and open-wheel cars pull live to make money, his wife gave birth to a boy back to him, both 12 years old this year.

"Later in 2008, he fall ill more often, but not playing his wife and children." Optimum N said, until last November, he took a chopper chasing his wife to run, claiming to kill her, only then to threaten his wife and son back of her parents.

New Year's Day this year, home alone LIU Wen-wu lit a fire to houses, and Liu Wenchun LIU Wen-wu had to be brought back to his home, but what hit LIU Wen-wu see what, there is no way to lock the only son of his brother chained .



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