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Investment in the domestic market chain chain

The feasibility study is in the building before the investment decision on the building programs, technical programs and production programs of technical and economic feasibility. Feasibility (swing chain) studies must proceed from the overall system of technical, economic, financial, commercial as well as environmental protection, legal and other aspects of analysis and argument to determine the feasibility of construction projects, providing the correct scientific basis for investment decisions. The project feasibility study is a multi-factor, multi-objective system for continuous analysis, evaluation and decision-making process. It requires professional knowledge of all aspects of co-operation to complete.
Feasibility Study Report: Feasibility Study for short, is the development of production, infrastructure, scientific research programs early, through comprehensive research, analysis and appraisal to a building or renovation project, a scientific research, a business put forward practical a kind of written material.
The contents of the feasibility study report
We report on the feasibility study include the following four areas:
(1) design. The main task of the feasibility study report is to demonstrate the pre-designed programs, research programs must be designed to explicitly study.
(2) are true. Feasibility study report and reflect the situation concerning the contents of the data, must be absolutely authentic, and not to any deviations and errors. Feasibility study in the use of information, data, have been repeatedly verified to ensure the authenticity of the content.
(3) forecast. Pre-feasibility studies for investment decision-making activities. It did not happen in the event before the study is the future development of the situation of things, may encounter problems and results are estimated with predictability. Therefore, we must conduct in-depth investigation and study, fully share information, practical use of forecasting methods, scientifically predict the future prospects.
(4) demonstrated tight. Demonstration of the feasibility study is a prominent feature. To make a demonstration of the need to do a systematic analysis method used, various factors affecting the project around a comprehensive, systematic analysis, both for macro-analysis, but also for microscopic analysis.



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