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Chained car owners pay the 1000 property management

Miss Deng's car, residential property management has been chained up to 20 days. That the property management against its property, Miss Deng to property management to court. Yesterday, the court in Guandu Court Kinmen and Matsu, the two sides reached a settlement agreement: Miss Deng 1,000 yuan compensation for loss of property management fees.

In 2006, living in the crescent of Miss Deng Tong district purchased a car to the residential property management Kunming Kun Building Property Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kun Ha property management) for parking spaces. Property management, said parking has never spare, let wait. Later, Miss Deng was found in her car after running a license has a parking space and she still does not. So, Miss Deng refused to pay 90 yuan per month parking fee.

Night of 25 October 2009, when Miss Deng to drive into the cell door, was property management refused. Property management told her, to drive into the cell, must pay a parking fee. So, Miss Deng to park in residential door. Noon the following day, Miss Deng found himself in the car was towed to a parking lot, a car tire iron chains will be locked, chained side, but also establish a brand (above). Subsequently, the property management to her husband the way personal information is posted notices made public. Miss Deng that the property management of their car locked with chains up to 20 days of their property rights have been violated, then the property management to court.

Yesterday, Guandu Court trial court case, Kinmen and Matsu. Court, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, the defendant Miss Deng Kun Ha property management compensation 1,000 yuan, which has been in court Miss Fu Geideng compensation, and property of the Miss Deng written apology.

Immobilization of the things mentioned, property management executives Guang-Ming Xu Kun Ha said on Oct. 25, 2009, Tang has the time not with the security door to receive access credentials, and many vehicles blocking the cell door, to the other owners with to the inconvenience, unfortunately they only take the lock the way cars and posted notices.


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