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Nursery chain to lock the door by the police without a license

Yesterday morning, Fengtai West Council Street named Kim Ok, a cradle of the nursery door was locked with a swing chain of civilian police, a move that many parents are deeply puzzled. Yesterday, the police said had previously advised that the formal procedures for handling unlicensed nursery, improving security facilities. Western Board also contact the police station now regular kindergartens around the cradle of the kindergarten children to receive Gold and Jade.

8 am yesterday, Mr. Liu Fengtai usual to send their children to the cradle of the West Board Street Jinyu kindergarten, kindergartens found that many children gathered in front of and parents. Look closely, the door was a nursery  chained by two security guards. Nursery fence arrayed with a circular card, called Kindergarten, "a security risk."

Many parents are deeply confused, that send their children to kindergartens have not seen anything about this situation, and asked on-site police: "Why not let this get out? Later sent to where to go?" 9:00 more Gradually the crowd dispersed, many parents had to bring home a child crying.

Fengtai police said yesterday afternoon, Kim Ok no formal educational qualifications nursery cradle, for security reasons, police temporarily locked by way of reminding parents to send their children to regular kindergartens. Prior to the West Board had recommended the police station head of Miss Yan Kindergarten communication with parents so that parents turn their children park.


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