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Girls forced into prostitution by strong chain lock people involved Huoxing more than 87 days

October 10, 2008 , in 13 buildings in the vicinity of Jinzhou Jin saw 19 -year-old girl with his girlfriend Lin-Lin Shen , ordered Zhao and two accosted , deceive them that can help find a job . The next day, Zhao brought the two girls " to see work " , the result was taken to the Yellow Sea in the West Zone of thumb foot store , forced into prostitution.
Escaped after Shen , Linlin for refusing to prostitution to be iron chain to the thumb with a foot rental shop owner Wang Department . Was forced to give in Lin-Lin , Lin-Lin Wang and others not to eat , but also to its beat . Beat is not effective , Lin-Lin Wang in turn rape . Unexpectedly, Linlin still refused, and Wang and his wife with cigarettes to Linlin a particular arm, abdomen , buttocks fiercely hot , hot hair with certain also of " straight clip " hot rotten to Linlin feet .
January 5, 2009 , 87 days after the brutal torture , Linlin and smashed the glass out for help , this time, the original weight of 110 pounds , she was tortured only 60 kilos , still suffering from post-traumatic stress Obstacles . After the incident, Wang , for buying a particular crime of trafficking and enforced prostitution of women each get 17 years , Zhao Huo Xing for the crime of trafficking of women for 12 years. But ordered the abduction Lin-Lin Zhao 's " in 13 " as a pseudonym by the investigation could not confirm the identity of a " slip through the net . "







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