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Kunming Bi chicken offices to save 53 " chain Doll "

News Speed Reading suffering from mental illness treatment no money , Deng Zhixin tied by their families for 30 years . Recently , Pitt Street office found that the status of chicken , will be over the age of Pentecost , he rushed to the hospital for free treatment
PRC 's correspondent Bizheng Huai Zhang Meng reported a dirty house , a polished shiny chains are suffering from mental illness ... ... no money treatment, Deng Zhixin was tied to his family for 30 years . Recently , Pitt Street office found that the status of chicken , will him to the hospital for free treatment . 53 -year-old son to see this year by the relevant departments of the relief, white hair pulled over TENDRILS Cui Fulu staff hand tears and said: "I have no ability, then go back to his father , mother and child our of each other and either Your help , may not live that he has not hope of recovery ... ... "
31 years ago , 22 -year-old Deng Zhixin fall into the pond on his way home , back after being saved , although the body harmlessly, but they often laugh and dance and moody , and sometimes go a few days does not go home , but also Smashing things hurt . Old rogue now become everyone afraid of ' crazy ' . Many times , Cui Fulu have no reason to give him water to meal delivery was punched and kicked him , and every time after injury , often blame their inability to send her son to the hospital for treatment.
"My son is sick I take care of him. " Cuifu Lu said that living in Yunnan dyeing living area , unable to find work and take care of her son while living side by Maibing Gun , business is good they could make a twenty or thirty dollars, you can do with the 8- yuan living expenses , the remaining The save down to his son see the doctor , but every experience cloudy or rainy , our business would difficult , and sometimes one day a popsicles are sold, their problems and mental suffering to her much pressure .
It is understood that Cuifu Lu Bitter is a woman , is also a strong woman , the past few years , despite the difficulties faced by very few things she told government departments. In 1978, Cui Fulu to Maibing Gun broke his leg , returned home to see Deng Zhixin rampage smashing the window you want to go out to bang doors , to allow his son to hurt other people , Cui Fulu helplessly tied up with a iron chain lock him in the room Ri . But she never expected that this tied to tied for 30 years. Cuifu Lu said: "I tied my son, I Xinrudaoge ... ... several times a day I tried to unlock the chains , hope he can , like other children, but each to his freedom, his weapon at the hospital Take Run around in , and made all the residents fear of his life , I'm going to Maibing Gun , no way they had tied him up. "
Treatment for the son , all these years , Cui Fulu used up all their savings at home , but also to the relatives and friends by a lot of money . Cuifu Lu had lost in time, by chance , Pitt Street office Yong Yang chicken that her family's plight , to help area residents overcome difficulties Cui Fulu home , office area office of Home Division sent , disabled persons to understand the situation , They then contacted the relevant departments . Last Thursday , Cui Fulu tears for the son have cast off the iron chain , he sent a staff car home wall CDPF Xishan District Xinfeng psychiatric treatment , in the street CDPF with the assistance of the new process also Deng Zhi Mental illness medication relief of poverty Application Form , to enable him to free medication at the hospital .







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