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Break free of the chains refuse to pay compensation to farmers hurt dog

September 8 hearing before the court heard a case of West Anda animal assault . Award compensation to farmers according to Zhang and Wang 8,000 yuan .
Wang and Zhang Department of neighbors, good relations between the two , often each other's needs . July 2, 2010 , Zhang and Wang family to borrow the shovel . First came to the door of Wang , Wang kept watchdog break free of the iron chain toward the Zhang . Zhang Dodge threw himself behind the dogs , Wang stop fail, everyone will be a dog fight off , but Zhang has resulted in bodily harm . Zhang admitted to hospital after 5 days and spent 7,000 yuan for medical expenses . Zhang asked Wang to bear part of the medical costs , Wang said Zhang to his home because of manipulation to break free of chains dog bite , if less than Zhang 's home , they will not bite , so do not agree to compensation .
Court that Wang did not submit evidence that Zhang is the result of intent or gross negligence . Damage on Zhang , a dog keeper , Wang shall bear tort liability. Then according to " The People's Republic of China Tort Liability Act , " the 78th article , made the above decision .





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