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" Union Division of the times , " the door man was stumbling pull chain broke into fracture

Heilongjiang News Network News " Why Residential District League Division of the times in the Xuan Yuan East Road, pull the two sub- chains , the evening could not see . " 26, 38 -year-old Harbin Mr. Sun told reporters reflect on the 25th night , he From the Xuan Yuan Road tripping through the chains when , leading to fracture of his right foot toes .
26, the reporter went to the Union Area Branch of the times that the export cell 7 , 5 of which need to swipe in and out, only two exits on the Xuan Yuan Road is not closed , but they pulled 45 meters long and ten centimeters from the ground High iron chain . Security said: "This is mainly to iron chain Blocking . the original iron chain about 1 meter off the ground , can be a lot of cars always want to get under the past , so the property lowered the iron chain . "
26 pm , we found Harbin Union deputy general manager of Ping Baogui limited liability company property , he was tripping on the fracture of Mr. Sun apologized . Mr. Sun was injured for how to resolve the issue , he expressed the need to report to the leadership to decide . 30, press again to get in touch with Mr. Sun , Mr. Sun said he was still saying such property , but property has not contacted him .







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