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20 -year-old money to cure juvenile dementia was father chained to home

Neighbors, Ms. Zhang said , A new regular at the age of 10 years to his aunt went there, it is able to read and write , but also help aunt cook , but grew up mind to dementia , and nothing would do .
At noon that day , Lee and his wife returned home after the finish farm work . According to Lee , said the child's mother ( Lee 's ex-wife ) is a mentally ill , unable to tolerate the fact that 10 years ago and his ex-wife a divorce , A new award also Lee , was married 5 years ago now Wife.
Lee says with resignation that the new Arab Health 1990 , more than 10 years of age at the time , help at home to do housework , do some farm work , but children up to 16 years old , mind becomes a bit of dementia , even cooking have become Problem . " He may be the genetic mother , a little mental problem. "
Subsequently, the reporter followed Lee to lock A new room. Only in this room about 15 square meters , is a Ah chained to an old bed , the bed still stood old quilt and clothes , Lee opened by a key A new iron chain , the A New squatting In the bed , looked around . When a reporter asked him if he did not eat , he was a little slow to say , "No eat , not hungry . " you asked him go out for fun , he was very slow to say , " do not want to , I want at home . "






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