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Rough room Jing Xian Chained hand girls

21, Lushan District Public Security Bureau official who briefed reporters on the case on the merits : at 15:30 on the 14th or so, in Jiujiang City, the fitness room Sakura District Court , decorators He in a found that eight , Unit 3, Room 504 two Girls climbing the windows , very dangerous to immediately to area the security reflect . Security then opened the door , a sight that surprised them : girls unkempt , covered with dirty, being chained left wrist and tied it in the kitchen water pipe on a . Security immediately call 110 .
" according to the usual Alarming procedures , Jiujiang City, of 110 Command Center received a report after the usually start with patrol arrived on the scene an initial treatment , then transferred to district public security organs, but the command center has a direct will telephone call to my cell phone , And let me know the scene . " Lushan District Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation battalion Liu Jun told reporters.
Liu Jun led the police rushed to the scene, ready to untie of girls the hands of the iron chain , but had been the two girls strongly resisted. " unlock the chains , Dad would kill us. " police had to side comfort girls, , while forcibly unlock the chains , two girls, scratch and bite, the police 's hands are scratched . Through patience and asked the two rescued girls were called baby , babe .
17:00 or so , the police the suspect Yang arrested . Under questioning, Yang , 38, Lushan District, Kou Town who , 8, the baby , babe to the here prison , house is from his sister where the borrowed . Subsequently, the police and the Yang Kou Town home rescued two other girls, Sisi , Lele . , according to Yang Account , four girls his in 2003, in 2004 by others introduced from the Jiujiang and DUCHANG rural illegal adoption .






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