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residents Alley with the chained to bike a chair total parking spaces

vehicle now into the homes of ordinary people , the city vehicle fleet exceeded 4.5 million , but will follow is the difficult parking problems. Especially in the narrow alley , the parking is even more nervous. Beixinqiao near Panchiao alley the residents and even with chains locked bicycles , chairs , etc. accounts for parking spaces.
living in the alley Residents Mr. Yu said , since last year, hutong there are a lot of residents staged a " grab spaces , "the real scene. Many residents are in their own homes the door safe had to lock , but a to lock the cost , however hundred or so , alley because of the new smoke more than 10 to lock more narrow. Some residents on this put forward their views , *** law enforcement team receiving a report, after arrived on the scene demolish part of the to lock.
But did not expect the recent period of time , would like to share parking spaces for residents and came up with new ideas . Yesterday afternoon, reporters in the Itabashi alley saw , some residents directly on the gray bricks on the ground erected , two iron rings , and then the iron chain attached two wheels to a broken bike lock in the middle of to occupy a parking space. Some residents did not the land locked support up, but directly in to lock above it, the lock a chair , above the ground about 50 centimeters , the same play of parking spaces role . A total of five parking spaces a similar situation.
For this approach , the alley where the residents are mixed. Some people said that the owner is *** helpless , while some residents said that the alley is the people , and resources should be shared fishes, they occupied parking spaces during the day cars do not when do not let other people stop, not fair.







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