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To prevent lost one meter eighty mother chained

Shenzhen Evening News Sun Zhongchun photo coverage, "she is not now even remember his son, how can we do?" October 8, the reporter in the street Longgang District Ping Serenity community farmers market to see such a scene, a nearly ten days of old, daughter was about 1 meter long with a chain lock the left foot. Two daughter called this behavior, the elderly suffering from senile dementia, in order to prevent lost before the mother ankle locked. Although the daughter said the move Shizhuwunai, but still cause many people criticized.
Into the floor to the old market, a surge of hot breath blowing at the same time mixed with unpleasant smell. Three birds in a row of stalls across from a white-haired old man appeared in the eyes of journalists. That are different, the elderly without freedom of movement, left foot was about 1 meter a chained, chains tied one end of the ankle in the elderly, the other end tied to the side of the iron posts on both ends with brass locks will Tighten the chain. Old man sitting on a length of about 2 meters and a width of 1 meter, about 1 meter high wooden structures of the table, his mouth emitting a series of press from time to time did not understand the dialect. Old barefoot, a pair of slippers on the feet. Sometimes sit, sometimes lie down in the elderly, from time to time to pull the left ankle with both hands at the Brass Padlock. This reporter noted that the chain is too short, the old man standing almost impossible to come down to earth, but unable to walk.
"There are half a year time." At the crowds, people rushes to talk with. A middle-aged man told reporters, from six months ago, the old man was locked with chains. The other a middle-aged woman said that at first, the lock of the elderly is still relatively long chains, allowing the elderly in a limited range of activities. "She was always engaged in people's pickle thing." However, because the elderly are always to be accessible for a pickle booth "trouble", so the chain is now shortened to about 1 meter long. "Often noisy." Ping to the old market for the business concerned, almost one looked up to see the elderly man who was locked chains. Businesses around the farmers market who have told reporters that the elderly often disgruntled, pulled the iron chain shouting, but to go to work every day from the beginning, the elderly will still be locked all day. Looked at the elderly has been chained around people shake their heads from time to time.
"The old man will take care of our own, do not need you tube." In the interview, a middle-aged woman wearing a white T-shirt came up, apart from anything else would journalists reprimanded the meal, and repeatedly asked reporters to leave. "We will be fed hungry old man, this is our own home business." Shouted a few women, he turned to leave. Subsequently, another slightly larger one older woman told reporters that the old man near 80 years old, her mother the previous woman, but has been reluctant to tell reporters she was locked with the name of the elderly.
"Has wandered off twice." The woman said the old man's two sons had married and operates in the market three birds with their files, as elderly people suffering from Alzheimer's disease, not only can not remember who he is, more can not remember where they live, often got lost. "VIP dinner to feed, feces and urine have people wait." Woman said the children are busy as the elderly, can not always look at the elderly, why they want such a means to prevent the loss of the elderly.







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