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To undo the chain lock to open the heart

29-year-old Yang Xia (pseudonym) because of mental disorders, 10 years has been chained to home. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Fourth People's Hospital of Hefei, October 7 to Yang Xia taken to hospital in Hefei for free treatment. This is the third year, be included in Hefei, the gravity of Psychiatric grant project to "unlock" patients.
National Day eve this year, the provincial Mental Health Center in Hefei weight management and treatment of mental illness Feidong liangyuan Project Office received applications for the town of Yang villagers: Due to her home suffering from mental illness, was kept locked at home, request the national treatment grants. Yang Xia, home, health care workers see the small house of 20 square meters, without windows, a wooden bed, a pail latrines, a 5-meter-long chain tied to a wooden bed in a lap, the other end with a lock lock on the right ankle Yang Xia, Yang Xia is a day bed legs in the center of the circle with a radius of 5 meters range life.
It is understood, Yang Xia 5th grade elementary school that year, was diagnosed with schizophrenia, before and after the ten thousand dollars spent, the only home to sell valuable cattle, the family no longer afford its healed. After stopping treatment, Yang Xia's condition deteriorated, run around aimlessly around, not hair, not face, see the things to tear, get something to hit, or even injured by the mother with a brick. The old couple are afraid to stir up trouble wounding his daughter, he looked for people to fight the vice chains, locks his daughter at home, the daily meal and bottled water, this lock is 10 years.
Locked for too long because the swing chain have rust on the lock, the key is not open. Four came to the hospital in Hefei, the first master by the hospital maintenance team opened with a tool chains, followed by nurses, Yang Xia shampoo bath change clothes, went into the hospital prepared for her ward. Yang Xia will be here to receive regular, systematic treatment.








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