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Man killed his father, said after the call do not have to rescue 120

Star News the chain because of dissatisfaction with his father imprisoned and forced to take anti-psychotic drugs, no mental illness, claiming 39-year-old man with a drill rod actually hitting and brutally killed the father over sixty years. October 13, this reporter went to MAKE the incident, the deliberate murder of the whole story from the interviews were conducted.
Suspects: an electrician before the incident
Reporter learned from the police, 39-year-old ancestor of a suspect in 1995, graduated from Hefei University of machinery in a professional, later bearing factory in Tong Cheng, quit her job in 1996 after working away from home. March 2009, one in Tongcheng Packing Co., Ltd. has engaged in electrical work. His mother died many years ago, doctors in private clinics industry with their father has been living.
It is responsible for the handling of the Second Squadron package Tongcheng Interpol instructor introduced the motherland means of a very cruel crime, according to an account of the motherland: 11 seven or eight o'clock in the morning, he and his father chartered to the hospital. The doctor said, mental illness is now the State has a policy for free treatment, but only poor families can enjoy. 11:30 he and his father returned home, after arriving home, he slept on the second floor, the father of their legs tied down with iron chain, one end of chains in their bedroom window. 13:00 more, his father took the four upstairs "clozapine" and a "valproic acid steel" to him, so his taking medication, his father down the stairs. Then he took it out of bed, went to the adjacent living room, picked up a foot on the ground around the threaded drill rod, placed under the pad are hidden well.
Attack: telegraphed do not have to rescue 120
At 3 pm, his father came to the bedroom, the bed, bent over his hand on the vise tightening chains more feet, he out of drill rod, hit his head toward his father to go ... ...
Played about 5 minutes, then to the bedroom after hearing the news of their Uncle to stop, he told Uncle, "Do not come, you come to hit you!" Later, he heard the voice of Uncle downstairs to play 120. He also played four or five minutes, the uncle also came to the bedroom, also stepped forward to pull him not to let him continue to play the father. He di not pay attention while, then hit his father with the drill rod to the head, was di-tert-stop.
So its motionless on the ground that his father, his father died estimated only from the father took out his pocket phone, call 120, and 120 on the phone said: "Here things have been 'handled' well, you do not come a. "Then they hung up. Then, he lost his father used pliers on the ground, the windows files on the loose sub-turn on to their "tied."
Police: The psychiatric evaluation of its
Police handling the case asked why the fight of their old father? Progenitor of a said his father Pi Qibao, often beat him, so he hates his father! In addition, my father always told him to eat some anti-psychotic drugs, he believes he is not mentally ill, so very repugnant. Father used to and often chained him, and said he was mentally ill, the night before the incident, his father had chained his feet to restrict his freedom, so he moved Murder.
Reporters in an interview that a few years ago ancestors lived in the Tong Cheng Institute, Anqing still hospitalized in July last year a month, but has said they were not mentally ill. Ancestral home of a person that he has a history of mental illness, but the intermittent seizures. According to the account of a crime ancestral process of thinking is more clear when the crime. As can confirm that it is currently mentally ill, the police should call a psychiatrist related to its identification.
At present, the progenitor of a suspicion of manslaughter has been under criminal detention Tongcheng police, the case still under pending. 






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