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Big dogs killed by police break the chains hit everyone vicious dog bite

At 20:30 on October 10, Hung Wang Yongning County Town Qucun a village house big dogs suddenly break free of chains, telling anyone to bite, the owner can not do nothing with it. In desperation, the owner call 110 for help, "helpless," the police will eventually kill him.
That night, Wang Hung Yongning County, seven groups of villagers, Zhang town Qucun a large family dogs suddenly break the iron chain and jump like crazy chaos everywhere. Zhang dog owners try to catch the dog, but the dog had ran out of the house, chasing bite out telling anyone. A little too much, the villagers have already been bitten. In order not to hurt, Zhang tried pulling the dog, not a thought at this time the mighty dog, back to the front of the arm is one of Zhang, Zhang suddenly bloody. Zhang finally the dog back to its own hospital, they do not want the other person toward Zhang. Worried about dog bites, a few were eventually forced to the house afraid to go out, the situation is very critical. In desperation, Zhang had to call 110 for help.
Wang Hung Yongning County Public Security Bureau police station after the police arrived on duty, Zhang repeatedly to enter the yard the dog calm down, but without success. Zhang police climbed the last house on the family, taking advantage of a moment to calm down the dog, the dog shot and killed.






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