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Hwaseong Fortress area Felicity chained to a fine 50 before release of vehicle

11 am yesterday, more than 26-year-old man Sumou Yongchun, ride electric vehicles to the city district Hwaseong Fortress Street, The Forum, to send goods to a landlord, it will be a car parked in the residential car parking spaces. Can be 10 minutes later, he found the front wheel was hit by one car locked with chains. Which was originally for the security of the community property, and property but also a fine of 50 yuan, only let him pick up the car.
In this regard, community property that is said to scare just fine, chained to cars is only a means, intended to owners of such, then their criticism and education.
10-minute parking area was locked and a fine of inexplicable
Sumou said that he is an advertising company in Quanzhou staff, 11 o'clock yesterday morning, was invited to be customers, some of the bronze and other goods to the community, into the cell when security approached the bar have failed to ask, did not see to plot a notice which reads residential parking fees and fines regulations. Parking, no details of the security can not be asked, so he parked the car in this customer directly downstairs, stop bits on a car.
After 10 minutes, Sumou found himself down the electric car front wheel was hit by a iron chain tightly locked, unable to move. Find a property security, Sumou said, "then said to the security of parking management district, said that after a pass, but also a fine of 50 yuan, can I get my car released." Sumou argue, and finally the car was only release.
Car is a means to get chained to a fine of just scare the said
A staff member of the community property, said there are currently temporary district more than 200 car parking spaces, but also have a special place for electric cars and motorcycles parking, but car parking is still far from enough. Car parking spaces in the incident, the owners have been rented, monthly 300 yuan, the owners commissioned by the property management, property management fees 50 per month charge. Therefore, Sumou the electric car parked in the parking spaces free, they will certainly have to control. "Our main aim is to educate each other, as to a fine of 50 yuan, it is only lip service is seldom are to advise."
The staff member said, reminding many community boards and signs and markings, electric cars and motorcycles can be parked to the dedicated parking spaces, it can be Sumou not.
The right to property is not chained to a fine of violations of property vehicles
Fujian Quan Lin Peide lawyer law firm in that: the right to property is not fine. Penalty is an administrative responsibility, the relevant administrative authorities can be based on laws, rules, regulations and other normative documents, the implementation of the relative fine.
If chaos does result in loss of parking, residential property can sue for compensation for those who illegally parked, but the vehicle can not be chained to others, or property belonging to acts of infringement.








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