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One of two top crime jail burglar who confessed accomplices unbalanced mind

Huangyan District, Anhui Province in the employ of a man and Zou Zou B, late at night in the banks of Huangyan a partner of theft of more than 4,500 yuan worth of 11 barrier chains. After the incident, Zou B to trace the object by the police included. Thus, the two agreed, the case B one wore by the Zou Zou B Zou A given some compensation. Zou B, after the arrest, the heart always feel unbalanced, but finally confessed accomplices Zou A. October 19 morning, the suspect still at large online Detention under pressure Zou A surrendered to police.
Zou Zou A and B to work with in Scarborough, all from the same Guoyang County of Anhui Province village. April 22, 2008 morning, Zou A river in Huangyan District, a play, to see riparian fence pole attached to a lot of chains, a sudden and devastating things that steal some of the chains to sell the idea of pocket money, then call opened in Scarborough called the village with fellow disabled car stolen with Zou B chains. Thus, Zou Zou A and B Chenzheyese, the river has cut with steel rails on the 11 chains cut, sub-put into the three bags, the use by the disabled vehicle Zou B arrived at the possession of temporary residence Huangyan Yu Shan up. A few days later, Zou B in two to the price of 3 yuan per kilogram, of which 10 will be the chain has sold waste collection staff, and Zou received 375 yuan a stolen money will be split off. After The valuation, Zou Zou A and B of theft of 11 partners the value of 4576 yuan barrier chains.
The end of April 2008, Zou B after hearing the news of theft suspects the police are tracking him after Huangyan, even their own worth 3,000 of the disabled vehicle is too late to transfer to the 300 yuan Zou, after a rush to flee his home in Anhui Guoyang . Then, Zou A potential also returned to his hometown. Huangyan police hunt failed several times, will be online Zou B as objects Detention wanted fugitive.
Home in Anhui, Zou Zou A agreed with B, because B Zou van, worth 3,000 of the disabled vehicle has been seized by the police, Zou A shall bear half the loss, out of 1,500 yuan to Zou B, such as the police seized Zou B, Zou B by the case of a top-down people. During jail Zou B, Zou A should also appropriately be supplemented. Therefore, Zou A time to come up readily to the Zou B. 1500 yuan.
This year in April, police arrested Zou B was Huangyan. Zou B, after the arrest, confessed his theft two years ago in the Huangyan a fence on the bank chains 11 the fact that the modus operandi, but Zou a theft crime in the fact that Yizibuti. Huangyan District Public Security Bureau Detention Center in spent some days later, the idea gradually Zou B produced a wave, think they stole along with Zou A chain, and now only own one prison, this is a cheap Zou. So he put together himself and Zou A case of theft for barrier swing chain is out.
May 5 this year, suspected of stealing chains Zou A criminal suspect who is at large Detention Huangyan police officers as the Internet. Zou A, after that the police were looking for him everywhere fled constant state of anxiety. October 19 morning, the suspect still at large online Zou A Detention under pressure, to sneak into Anhui Guoyang home, take the initiative to the local police station to give himself up.






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