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More than 20 only or made or lie in 109 national highway sold some Tibetan mastiff

More than 20 only Tibetan mastiff neck tied with chains, be to pull the roadside vendors selling, yinde many citizens gathered. This is reporter yesterday via 109 kingdom moral victory industrial park area witnessed.
On that day, when xu in 15 109 kingdom moral victory industrial park west side, several vendors with more than ten only black Tibetan mastiff in green belts beside each sale that only the Tibetan mastiff neck tied with chains, and the iron chain at the other end and cages are linked together, the earth is full of shit. Two cars parked next to hang nonlocal licence of small truck, car cages in SanSiZhi Tibetan mastiff is still closed. Reporter careful a number, unexpectedly is more than 20 only. The Tibetan mastiff or made or lie down, attracting 10 passing crowds stop, some passing drivers simply parked on the roadside, and bargain. According to vendors, they speak from gansu province to silver, unclear, the Tibetan mastiff trading market, and, behold, here is where transport arteries and traffic is larger, choose in the sale. The Tibetan mastiff price per only in tens of thousands of yuan to thousands of dollars. About the safety of roadside vendors selling dog, says the Tibetan mastiff is chained to a won't attack. "These Tibetan mastiff big a metre long, looks valhallan, slightly a move even cages can also be towed, too dangerous!" A woman looked at dare not to get off. Onlookers yinchuan citizens Mr. Hu said he often went from working relationship between HeLan and yinchuan, many times in the 109 near the national see pedlar sell Tibetan mastiff. Mr. Hu that the Tibetan mastiff is a potent dog, should not openly on the roadside sales.
According to the regulation of yinchuan raises the dog management, engaged in business activities of canine units and individuals shall conduct audit, the requirements for animal epidemic prevention shall, according to law, after qualified to industry and Commerce Department for registration and obtain a business license, and then to the urban management department for the record, and at a lawfully established dogs trading market transactions. Meanwhile, sell the person shall hold a dog's animal quarantine certificate, before trading. The urban management department in accordance with relevant provisions, says, the Tibetan mastiff belong to large fierce dog, in urban areas prohibited raises the dog dog at the same time, people should pay attention to not in violation of regulations。







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