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The sea guardrail chains frequently stolen the citizens advice changing the material burglar

The sea is Qingdao window, every civilized festival.guests can fully enjoy dazzling lighting citizens should consciously love the sea of the public facilities. Our newspaper on November 3 published a guardrail chains frequency stolen, after reports on how to protect the seaside guardrail, there are still many problems which call our hotline zealous citizens zhenhai. On November 5, the reporter good finishing related Suggestions to the municipal city administration.
Many citizens put forward Suggestions roughly divided into two categories. One kind is recommend replacing iron chain pledges or change guardrail form. To go to the beach often exercise Mr Xu Suggestions
He had into the lacy a reservoir visit, see where the guardrail and not chains, but use plastic inside outside wrapped wire rope, the guardrail both beautiful and strong.
Citizens Mr Sun suggested that the fence into cement modelling, so that the thief would not caring steal chains son. And citizens believe wooden footway design can also be applied to other parts of the barrier.
The citizens of the second proposal is relevant departments should strengthen the supervision of the seaside guardrail. Citizens advice, seashore scenic spot sent wong special management personnel management, so as traffic XieGuanYuan can send some special team or personnel to nurse. Citizens 闫 sir thinks, the sea near the important public facilities should be installed cameras, relevant departments for 24 hours to monitor. Citizens advice, seaside guardrail liu evening cannot too "black", proper lighting can also "scare" the thief.
Citizens Mr Wei suggestion, should make relevant departments pie "plainclothes" secret monitoring, if found stealing chains, who don't immediately grab, should first filmed crime scene photos, published in newspapers, Mr Wei also laid special emphasis on don't TouDaoZhe facial fuzzy, good let the destruction of public environmental festival.guests can fully enjoy dazzling lighting egg.
Journalists are zealous citizens of various proposals put forward to the municipal city administration. The municipal administration office of relevant working personnel of these issues to tell a reporter, thanked the citizens, and some people through a variety of channels the relevant Suggestions and problems to reflect to them. Then change guardrail materials and forms of problem, municipal administration office said, the music square in west use chains because there distance near the sea, the winds and waves very near large when the waves will directly flap in barrier, must use of waves struck materials. The move is by the concerned expert estimates, chains in waves can impact and fro, alleviate the waves wallop, other materials or form is difficult to achieve such requirement. This is why some places the barrier is iron tubes, have a plenty of iron chain.
In addition, this historical buildings like trestles, want to consider to historic of reduction, chains are one of the symbols of trestles, cannot change at will. For guardrail regulatory issues, municipal administration office of the relevant personnel, said their existing human limited and not possible to keep tabs on, hope the public security organ in daily search and you can pay attention to these areas. Meanwhile, music square near the seaside west guardrail, relevant departments are stepping up production, processing after installation will be promptly.







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