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Big German shepherd flounce a chain saw people will bite master injured helpless police for help

That night, YongNingXian hope hong zhenbei canal village seven groups of villagers zhang home a big German shepherd suddenly broke iron chain, like mad leap up everywhere. Dog owners zhang tried to catch, but the dog dog has run out, outer events they chased the bite. For a moment of the work, has the villagers bites. No longer to hurt, zhang tried to pull the dog dog violent incomparable prison-like boot now, has turned head toward zhang mou's arm is an one mouthful, zhang immediately blood dc. Zhang mou is very not easy to put dog back to their orphange, don't want to its and pounced on ma3 others. Worry about being bitten by the dog, several people eventually be compelled to the room afraid to go out, the situation is very critical. Helpless under, zhang had to call 110 police for help.
Police on duty at hong YongNingXian public security bureau, after police hurried to often want to enter zhang home yard let dog calm down, but it didn't succeed. Finally police climb to zhang houses, while dogs calm down moments, shot dog killed.







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