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TieSuo as swing 17-year-old girls carelessly fall the suzhou river

Yesterday afternoon 3 when 50 points xu, putuo district two bay city district of cosco NaQin level stage, a girl carelessly fall the suzhou river, her male partner is not water, but desperate jumped into the river less. After the incident, the girl is rescued by security while boys have gone missing, search and rescue hours blocked, survive are slim.
Young men and women river water
At 8 yesterday evening, the reporter arrived two bay city district of cosco the waters, LaWangShi rescue continues on the shore, people toward the river craned their necks, anxiously look around. Relevant personnel discloses, search and rescue work has lasted for several hours, but the boy still not sank. "Drowning time is too long, survived n0 hope ah..." A search and rescue personnel shake head to sigh.
Witnesses say, at that time, she saw a young man and woman sitting on suzhou river iron chain cable fence, very affectionate. Then, the girl sitting boy embrace, loosen the chain around shake, "crack laughing. Just then, girl suddenly lost balance and body hind admire, "plop" 1 planted into the water. The sudden scene, the boy suddenly ShaLeYan.
For a few seconds later, the boy finally come, he did not react off clothes just jumped into the water, trying to ZenNai rescued girl, not practicing ability in swimming, in water fundamental catching the girl, oneself instead flopped about several bottom were flooded. The girl is gripped the shore stone, not drift away.
The girl was rescued the boy missing
"Somebody drowning!" "Help!" Witnesses, Shouting for help, a few security guards rushed to rush through. Some toward the river throw life buoy, some stretch out a long bamboo pole. The girl caught bamboo, under the help of the multitude rescued ashore. At thetime when suzhou river tide, fast-flowing, despite a few security guards strip dived, still cannot find sink to the bottom of the boy.
Reporter saw when save security weeks master and ginger teacher. They say, oneself at that time undressed plunged into the icy river, the in the mind have only one thing: hurriedly save! "Children don't save up, in the mind very sour, what a pity, just so young..." Security master can not say a few words of run into silence.
According to information, into the men and women 17 years of age, are students, not community residents. They Friday after school, came to play, and, lo caravans village has so tragedy.
TieSuo when swing hidden danger
In cosco two bay city village, the reporter an Amtrak ride along the suzhou river, found the suzhou river north of the fence is toughened glass, south side fence is chains suo. For the waters of a stroll dwellers, toughened glass fence relatively safe, and chains cable fence height is very low, is less than the waist, very easy occurrence accident.
Residents say, often see someone sitting in iron chain cable, regard it as swing shake to sway to lose focus, extremely easily, in case fall the suzhou river. "This years, has already happened several chains fell from one side of the suzhou river cable event!" Cosco two bay city district residents bag lady said.
Afterwards, the rescued ashore girl weep unceasingly, pick up by the police to the police station.







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