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Beihai pillars of marble destroyed chains be stolen by the mud doubt they sell

Binzhou "five sea" of the north sea scenic spot, 24 root marble columns were destroyed, at least 61 bulky chain disappear. An insider said it happened in a few months ago, those who wear in stone buttresses chain will probably be away when scrap iron to sell.
This morning, beihai scenic tourist exiguous, attractions upper many pillars of marble break, many had been lost, connection pillars of some chains also disappeared along, Scenic spots where the water near the lower, most iron chain were gone, more marble pillars from the roots break. The count, lose the marble pillars broke a total of 24 root, disappear chains unexpectedly up to 61.
A walk around the old man is introduced, the half a year before pillars of marble and chains ruined phenomenon still comparatively rare in recent months is more serious. "The north sea to" man, "as the theme, outstanding people and natural harmony, recreation, sports city residents is a good place. But you see now, citizens still dare to take the young child here? Accidentally dropped into water can do how?" The old man said, because chains decrease, citizens come here to play considerably less. "If we see, affirmation will stop them. But these chains are all night was damaged during the day, not dare to destruction." In works nearby the sanitation workers introduction, was trashed marble columns may not destroyer target, their goal is to those chains. "Will marble pillars broken, and then the iron chain off to sell." That a sanitation worker said, chains also sell not much money, but on the whole scenery appearance but it caused the very big effect.







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