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Wife money.it husband gas must take chains tied

Dehua county Yang mei township a woman will husband are ready to take JiuMingQian mother-in-law cure the husband in anger, little chance out chains will wife fastened see prison, both sides of husband and wife thus swooping up.
On November 16, waxberry police station received villagers alarm, says a couple is fight, women still Shouting "kill". Received alarm hind, civilian police quickly drove to the scene.
"Police comrade, I took him a little money, he hit me scold me, I want to go to work goes, he still wants to take iron chain dog chain lock me." Police arrived, a woman of many years old 30 to police "tattle.
Women haven't finished, the man also to the police grumble woman not: "since you return not bashful say, your conscience is to the dog, you don't want to think that money is used to do what."
Originally, the two men and women are a couple. One day, the wife of his mother's illness has been admitted to the hospital, the husband got out his in mine workers earned 20,000 yuan savings, called his wife to its mother cure, and drop by the hospital care of elderly.
But to her husband, wife of thought is sick mother not only whether disregard, will also money to and so-called friends little chance random flower. November 12, the husband from his friends know the truth, the wife goes to find, and she forced back to hometown. Therefore, the husband and wife that day had a fierce quarrel. Finally, her husband in workers under the appealed to forgive the wife.
On November 16, husband told his wife go to vegetables, and his wife but then plead to goes to run errands. Husband although repeatedly tenants, his wife was always refused to tell her husband to do anything goes. A paragraph of time to wife doing, the husband is very angry, take tied dog wife, if dare iron chain warning to run again, then goes to give her locked up.
Understand the situation after police for his wife's absurd behavior and husband recklessly act gave serious criticism of education. The policeman persuasion, on the spot to her husband and wife admitted that he was not, the husband also said that as long as the wife well personhood, previous mistakes let bygones be bygones.






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