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Death 50 seconds per hour

About 6 o 'clock yesterday afternoon, chengdu happy valley, Canadian world famous escape magic master dean, performed very breathtaking scene - 50 seconds to escape the roller coaster.
Dean for escape acting "saltant Mediterranean" site roller coaster, the highest speed can be reached 33 meters per second. Dean performance is were chained to a roller coaster in the driveway, roller coaster will hit upon the body before, untied locks and chains. Otherwise, it will occur tragedy!
Dean person: dean, ancient natrium Hudson, canadians, is only one get "Houdini escaped awards" the magician. He have been staged a hundred times breathtaking escape acting, known as the "international the greatest escape magic master". Reporter JiangSiYu photography LiYu dragon
But assistant handcuffs live dean hands, swing chain locking carabiner will he with roller coaster tao lock together
2 the roller coaster headed for the first high after, dean began in no hurry to unlock handcuffs, and successive untie bound in chains and lock in all parts of the body
3 the roller coaster is hitting him until the last couple of seconds, many audience have frighten bother to exclaim, closed eyes, dean just with one jump...
4. A roller coaster wind drove past, dean safe already fell on the mat
⒌ wreath to "the greatest escape international magic master"







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