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Village committee pull chains escort pupils cross the road

Recently, the reporter sees in unity, Lhasa saemaul third primary school, the roads are jammed with students and transport students' parents.
Part of the pupils of jumping about lively crowd you chase my drive, the school door of road appear crowded. Meanwhile, the road at each end of the security guards, and have two LuDuan hangs have chains, prevent any vehicles at this time, ferry their children into their own cars waiting. Only in LuDuan Until this way, after the student all leave chains to be cancelled, road restore to the traffic.
Learned, had many private cars drove to the school gate ferry their children. To go to school every day and when school finishes car near the school will be mixed. Due to the elementary student's safety consciousness is not strong, early August this year, just a child by the car, this accident led to unite the saemaul organization-villager committee great attention.
"City, including three pupils more from the most students, pastoral and their safety awareness is very weak.
Together with school peripheral vehicles more, shops, restaurants, every student motorcycle and bicycle transport vehicles, no 200 cannot assure students' safety. "United saemaul residents' committees secretary cloud terengganu tashi told reporters that they know the situation after the effort and arranged four security at the school gate at both ends of the guardian, road using school door road to pull iron chain to ensure the students go to school and the school, you let any peak motor vehicles and FeiJiDong car entering until the students all leave will be released.
Cloud terengganu tashi said: we will also through and school cooperation, continue to strengthen students' safety education work to lift the students' safety, for their learning to create a good environment. "






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