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Big German shepherd slip by ladder to suspension half empty except for all

Today (August 11) at around 7, fuzhou ngan miss after supplies road a shop, he found a German shepherd was neck chains hanging in mid-air, constant struggle, a rescue operation immediately launched.
This morning, when the couple in intensive miss driving on the way TaiJiang area after delivery of a hardware store supplies road, he found a big black German shepherd neck chain tightly bridle, hanging on the first floor shop roof billboards frame. "We passed by German shepherd just drop down, because the neck was chained bridle, breathless, dog mindo is very strong, constantly with front PAWS to seize the billboards baluster, in the air bark."
German shepherd of constant struggle soon drew around the citizens of onlookers. Due to the German shepherd distance there are three meters high ground, yan miss then think of oneself of truck, then the wagons up to the dog below, going to climb to carriage on the dog thor up. But the discovery after car to below, carriage distance dog there is a certain distance, even if one is standing up also can't reach the.
Now time has passed a few minutes, hanging in the air of German shepherd slowly without strength, seize the billboard baluster front PAWS began to get loose, neck chain le closer, "dogs at this time constantly flow saliva, appear vomit white mo, incontinence condition, the puppy anytime strangled, we feel very due".
While they helpless, a citizen from flank of the shop brings a vice bamboo ladders. To prevent the German shepherd strangled, yan miss Mr And another citizens with the top of the ladder against German shepherd, lift him up. The dog dog been commended live, get a break, slowly was quiet, and the mouth patch gasping.
Torre after living German shepherd, wearing orange jacket beside the middle-aged man quickly climbed up the car and wanted to put chains to untie, but finds can't reach the dog's neck. "Get a clip, the swing chain cut", "climb to the balcony the dog to pull up", the masses to constantly under the man proposal.
The man looks up continuously, trying to climb up to the second floor balcony, "want to find me a ladder to just go, otherwise I climb". A job at this moment in from nearby and brings a vice bamboo ladders, this man will the ladder to car along a ladder to climb. At this time again someone took a big iron plier, wants to cut chains clamp, but the man downstairs broken clamp chain proposal don't clip, lest dog falling to the ground from.
A middle-aged man then climbed up to the second floor of the balcony, with hand took chain to dog it, the balcony. The dog dog on to the balcony, gasping for air, and constantly to save his man wag tail, such as thank them for their help in favour. This only suspended midair nearly half an hour of German shepherd in the resultant force next, and finally, be rescued.






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