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Two men steal money fled protect river chains in the process of police car crashed

1 December 21, the crowd around to learn yanji public security bureau, said police station into someone theft alarm protect iron chain, police station police received alarm hind rushed to the scene, will be in the field ZhaoMou captured, then ambitious police will ZhaoMou home rent in another suspect li mou caught.
ZhaoMou, born in December 1978, yanji, jobless. Li mou, born in December 1979, DuiHuaShi people, with a temporary yanji, jobless. ZhaoMou hand over to treat, 29 November night, he had separate minibuses to postpone dongqiao steal 2 the protect river chains, after being ZhaoMou to 50 yuan price sold to near village file wastes, On December 1, and li mou stole 6 protect river chains, on the spot by police seized, evading police arrest, ZhaoMou driving van will a car crash police vehicles.
According to information, ZhaoMou and li mou has stolen protect iron chain each strip worth 300 yuan.
At present, ZhaoMou and li mou has been administrative detention, this case is farther cognizance.






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