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Twine generation chains guardrail safe?

On November 30th morning, reporters at the panyu district city bridge river, the river stone piers in1965 cross-strait found because there is no chains connected frequent gap, some sections is hemp rope connection stone piers in1965. Relevant departments response, because chains were stolen, to temporarily replace, and strengthen twine management, guarantee the visitors safe.
Reporters at the riverside of the southern dike road and causeway road area visited, the Banks will have a every two meters high stone piers in1965 559 cm, in southern dike road west, 100 meters the river embankment connection chains are missing from the stone piers in1965. In the west, the causeway road between all take hemp stone piers in1965 instead of chains, twine bright-coloured color, estimate just change soon.
Are cleaning up the river bagnaud aerospace said wang, municipal bridge for several kilometers, the Banks are considered chained connection stone piers in1965. Not long ago, chains are missing, "is often here just reshipment there, turned again disappeared, may be stolen. After that, the relevant departments will chains into twine altogether." Another bagnaud aerospace tells a reporter, these twine worth also is not low, 1 catty price reaches one million yuan, but "changed after missing" really few.
Live nearby of Mr. Tsai and Mr Chen every day in the river under the tree sleepers playing CARDS, they told reporters, many citizens, sooner or later the municipal bridge for a walk along the river, sports. Will chains into twine, both said they understand, Mr. CAI said: "good hemp rope is also very strong, as can fulfill guardrail role." But leading a child walking to ms. Zhang is expressed concern about: "hear twine days perishable, if later all the shoesole with when the guardrail, hope to be able to change in time."
Later, when contacted the panyu district municipal YuanLinJu. Municipal branch of beams, says Mr Because swing chain repeatedly by pilfer, considering the cost, so use coarse twine instead of a period of time. For citizens of a guardrail worries twine security problems, Mr. Liang response: "we will strengthen replace worn twine frequency, and is considering to improve the overall construction, let the riverbank citizens admire the view without worried about security."






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