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Strangled with iron chain

High on alcohol after a late-night drinking session on Wednesday, Doshi was staggering back home, belting out old Hindi film songs in a not-too-melodious voice. That’s when the canine, Babali, started barking aloud at Doshi.

A pet to people in the vicinity, Babali had littered recently.Five minutes later, Doshi returned to the spot an iron rod and chain. “Using the rod to intimidate Babali, Doshi tightened the iron chain around her neck,” said Johana Buthello who runs a home for orphan children.

“He dragged Babali to his house, all along blabbering that he would kill her. Despite repeated requests, he refused to listen. He even warned me not to intervene.”

Buthello said she could hear the petrified Babali yelping and howling in pain. “Nobody went to rescue the poor animal,” said Buthello.

A while later, when the dog’s cries could not be heard, she sent one of the boys from her orphanage to check on Babali. “She had a bloodshot eye, was bleeding from the mouth, and was close to being unconscious.

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