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How to Attach a Glider Swing to a Gazebo

Attaching a glider swing to your gazebo will allow your family to enjoy two great experiences in one. You will give your family the opportunity to swing on a glider while looking out at nature through the light and shadows of your latticed gazebo. With the necessary building materials and a few tools, you can attach the glider swing to your gazebo over the weekend. Enlist a little help from friends; then let them enjoy the gazebo swing too.


Look for a gazebo joist to hang the swing from that will give you room for a 4-foot arc of movement. Measure the width of the swing with your tape measure. Measure and mark where you want the 6-inch eyebolts to be attached to the gazebo joist, using a tape measure and a marker.

Drill pilot holes for the eyebolts that are smaller than the eyebolt shafts. Screw the shafts into the pilot holes, using pliers to tighten the last few turns. Measure the two lengths of chain to make sure that, when folded in half, they will hang your swing 17 to 19 inches from the ground. Cut chain lengths with a hacksaw if they are too long.

Connect one end of the first swing chain to the bottom support at the front of one side of the swing, using supplied attachments. If there are no attachments, use an eyebolt and a Quick link. Connect the other end of the chain to the bottom support at the back of the swing, using the same process. Repeat this process to attach the second chain to the other side of your glider swing.

Attach a Quick link to the center link of each chain. Place your ladder next to an eyebolt on the joist and climb up. Let helpers lift up the swing chains and hang each chain from an eyebolt with a Quick link attachment. Adjust the chains evenly and securely tighten all the Quick links using a wrench.

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