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Pirates raided

Bottom of the fifth; two on, one out and Hannibal catcher Chris Gregory at the plate.
swing chain and a long fly ball to right field. It lands at the base of the chain linked fence.

Ethan Hudelson and Paul Trenhaile come around to score as Gregory slides into third — now the throw goes wide and Gregory scores on the error to give Hannibal three runs.

But it wasn’t enough.
The Pirates were already down 11-0 when Gregory hit his shutout-ending triple and in the top of the seventh inning, the Quincy-Notre Dame Raiders put another run on the board to seal the deal for a win over Hannibal High 12-3.

“It seems like we tense up and we’re not playing relaxed and having a good time,” Pirates head coach Clint Graham said after the game. “We’re not making routine plays and we had some mental mistakes too, those are the things that bug me the most —  the mental things.

It was a great day for baseball.

The fresh cut grass glistened under the clear blue sky at Veterans Field as the calm breezes swirled around the bleachers. The setting was perfect for an afternoon at the ball yard, but it wasn’t Hannibal High that would be enjoying the nice day.
In the first inning alone, the Pirates committed an error, had a base stolen and gave up a run. Hudelson made all the outs in left field and Trenhaile, the starting pitcher, walked a batter before giving up the sacrifice fly that gave Notre Dame a 1-0 lead. Hannibal came out swinging in their half of the inning when shortstop Jacob White led off with a base hit. A sacrifice bunt from Hudelson moved him to second, but the Pirates failed to get their leadoff man home. Trenhaile popped out to second base, Gregory walked and third baseman Caleb Whelan grounded to short.




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