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Capistrano Judge Egan: A Man of Many Talents

Pamela Gibson remarks that Egan got fixed reviews?from others in the community, and that he used his position as a surveyor to advance his own interests: It is said that he had a rubber [surveyor] chain for the rich iron chain for the poor?when called upon to make a boundary decision.

Whatever the case might be, there is no denying that Judge Egan was one of San Juan Capistrano most intriguing personalities. I would like to end with one final tale, probably the most famous about him. Although its validity is uncertain, it has become one of San Juan Capistrano notable legends.

The story, as it appears in Pamela Hallan-Gibson Ghosts and Legends of San Juan Capistrano, begins in 1870, shortly after Egan arrived in San Juan. Another Irish family, the Sheehans, had also just moved into town, and their daughter Mollie would be deemed the knowledged belle of Capistrano.Egan and Mollie quickly became good friends and he would often escort her to town fiestas to acquaint her with the community.




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